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. why do they harass me? they are charging us, you make more money than we do. can you get the books back to the library? so they get all the books, all the articles, it is on going but in huge parts. i am pretty thorough when i draft out my perspectives for what i want. when i give a research student an outline of my chapters, the tactic descriptions, two pages, i lay out for them what i am looking for. in this chapter i want to do this or look at this or i want information about actuarial tables for black people in the nineteenth century, look at black mortality and friends. i am pretty specific about what i want and i want to be relatively detailed so researchers can focus on the very thing that i need. to test out my hypothesis and theory about certain things, get information driven by my own understanding of that point, it might be revised depending on what i find. they get all that stuff, bring me that in being -- big carts and i go at it. that i say thank you. then i go to work. i take excessive notes, transform those on the page into sections that i want to devote to particul
you tell us? >> we know that the senator had this scheduled trip and arrived on friday in myanmar hoping to talk to leaders. on a five-nation tour, jim webb got just what he wanted. he had unprecedented talks with leaders and he won the release of an american. on tuesday, johnheyett sentenced toea rs of hard labor for helping a democracy leader violate the terms of her house arrest. in a statement, the senator said, "i'm grateful to the government for honoring these requests and it is my hope that we can take advantage of these gestures as a way to begin laying a foundation of good will and confidence building in the future." >> it is a good thing. it will help raise awareness of the situation. it is getting the u.s. involved. >> webb is the first member of congress in more than a decade to visit the country. some people hope this release will let the u.s. focus more on the controversy in the asian country. >> it will put pressure on the government and it might eventually result in a change. i do not think it will happen quickly. everything helps. this is a step in the right direc
on cnn express. joining us from the missouri state fair. talk about getting the pulse of america, what are you hearing? >> reporter: we have been driving from atlanta to des moines and passed through georgia, tennessee, kentucky, illinois, missouri, heading into kansas and iowa. we're talking to people in places smaller than what would get media coverage about health care. as the health care debate was heating up on tv, we were trying to get a quieter discussion going. there was plenty of disagreement where we went. we ended up in an interesting place, northwestern kentucky on the illinois border. we had a bit of a town hall meeting. one was a democratic candidate who ran in the last election and lost. she had very, very strong views on health care. here is a bit of a taste of what she told us. >> well, my husband and i are two of the 47 million plus that don't have health care. i'm not talking insurance. i want health care. my husband had diabetes and a bout with cancer. what insurance company is going to cover us. if i get sick, i'm going to the emergency room. who is that costing? i
like they want a dossier on all of us. but this one has such disdain for the wealthy that they would use it as a weapon. maybe a shaming campaign, other intimidation factors. >> collecting data for efficacy of healthcare treatments? could that lead to rationing? it is not the collection, it is how the government uses it. you talk about a 1,000-page healthcare bill. he was talking to somebody and they said that bill could be 50 to 75 pages but it is not. it is filled with these very vague lines about things like data collection and you ought to be very nervous with it. neil: why can't they make it like the manual for an iphone. >> try to read that. neil: we can read. but adam, i have been trying to give them the benefit of the doubt. explain the logic of this checking account thing. >> well, no one likes to have their privacy invaded in any way. if there is any logic to this -- and i'm not saying i think it is a good idea but we all have insurance providers who have a lot of insurance. people who provide us credit have information on us. so, to explain a rationale, if the government i
? >> in some cases, yes, because dogs, animals are so innocent they cannot protect themselves from us, the humans just like children. and those are our victims that absolutely have no recourse. and i think that's why people are so touched and so outraged when animals are taken advantage of like this. but, look, you can't keep him in forever. he's out. he did his time. i say get on with it and quit giving him any attention. >> would you go to a philadelphia eagles football game and watch him? >> no. >> all right. >> i would not pay for a ticket that would support michael vick. what are they going to do with mcnabb? he's all scrubbed in sunshine. you have vick over the corner, a convicted felon that made dogs fight to the death. now, that's certainly two ends of the spectrum for the philly eagles. >> nancy's answering your questions. they're coming up. ( crack of bat, cheering ) not playing with the kids? not on these legs. poor leg circulation. doctor says it's p.a.d. peripheral artery disease? hmmm. more than doubles your risk for a heart attack or stroke. so i hear. better ask your d
senator dan web. our dan rivers is in bangkok and joins us on the phone. remind you're viewers of what happened with this american. >> reporter: well, this guy, john yattow sparked an international incident by swimming across the late to get to the home of suu chy. he spent a couple of nights had her compound before he was discovered. they then put her and him on trial for breaking the terms of her house arrest. he was just sentenced last week to seven years hard labor. well, now, a u.s. senator, jim webb, has managed to secure his release. we understand the senator and john yattow will be flying no bangkok on sunday. >> what did he get on song suu kyi. what will happen with her? >> reporter: he managed to get something that a lot of previous diplomates have not been able to get. we haven't heard anything at all on whether her house arrest will be relaxed. to be honest, that's farrell unlikely, because there is a lot of speculation around this. they wanted to keep her out of the way for next year's election. they were key to extend her her house arrest. this was a perfect excuse to do
. harrington with 11, 12, and 13 to drop to two under. tiger used that window to begin to pull away. playing the 362 yard par 4, 14th. he's requesting to try to drive it on the green. and guess what? this one ends up on the back fringe. we remind you, a 362 yard par 4. he would bird hey from there to move to 6 under. next up, the par 5, 15th. this is harrington's second shot, from the fairway bunker. up over a bunker, on to the green. paddy said afterwards, tiger told me he'd pay to see someone do that. so i asked him for 50s. shoots a 73. finishes 3 under through two rounds. tiger on 15. third shot chipping from off the green to within a foot. he would tap in. birdie. moves to 7 under. three shots on 15, birdie putt. and the would bogie 18, shoot 70 for his second round. phil mickelson trying to make a late run putting with the eagles on the 7th hole on the front nine. he started on the back nine. makes it, shoots a 74. second straight day. sits at plus 4. 11 shots back of tiger woods. who is the story. four-shot lead over five players, lee westwood, ian poulter five off of missing the cut.
the country on what else? the cnn express. joining us now from the missouri state fair. talk about getting the pulse of america, ali, what are you hearing? >> reporter: yeah. this is a fantastic place to do that. we've been driving from atlanta to des moines and we passed through georgia, kentucky, tennessee. illinois, missouri heading into kansas and iowa and we're talking to people usually in places smaller than would normally get media coverage about health care. in the beginning of the week as the debate was really heating up on tv with the town hall meetings we were trying to get a quieter discussion going. there was plenty of disagreement where we went. we ended up in one interesting place in paducah, kentucky, northwestern kentucky just on the illinois border and had a bit of a town hall meeting. one of the women was formerly a congressional candidate. she was a democratic candidate who ran in the last election and lost but had some very, very strong views on health care. here is a bit of a taste of what she told us. >> my husband and i are two of the 47 million plus that don't have
people saying, how can we afford this right now? we've got to use our resources for the deficit. first, i want everyone to understand the source of our deficit, because if you do not understand that, argument will not make sense. when i walked into the white house, i have people waiting for me at the door, a 1.3 trillion dollar deficit. 1.3 trillion dollars. i say that -- this was not -- and this is not, by the way, entirely the previous administration's fault. the financial crisis was so bad that revenue plummeted and all of this money was spent in making sure that the banking system did not completely collapsed. so all of the actions that have been taken just spite the deficit. but the problem actually is not that -- the extraordinary steps we've taken over last one or two years. the real problem is much longer. even if we had no fiscal crisis whatsoever, we have a structural deficit, we are spending more money than we're taking in, we have been doing it for the last eight years. when we passed the prescription drug benefit for medicare by a republican congress, they did not pay for it.
. put the pieces in their pocket or their back packin tell us how many questions they saw it correctly. presumably people are not smart and because they shred the piece of paper but now they claim to sell seven. it is not its if we had a few bad apples that skewed the distribution. instead we have lots of people who cheated just a little bit. why do people cheat? the bekka model of cheating is every day when we walk by anything we consider three things. we say to ourselves how much money is in the till? what is the chance they will catch us? how much time we get in prison? [laughter] we weighed the cost benefit analysis and decide whether-- it sounds like a crazy model and it is. but realize this is the model driving the legal system. so in some sense it is an odd modeled but it very important model in a practical way because of the role of economics in our society. so, let's check this model. how would we checked that model? a big part of it is how you spend today. some people tell them we would pay 10 cents for question, others 25 cents per correct question. would it matter how much
and that's going to do it for us, thank god that's out of the way, married and doing well. thank you for joining us. thank you for joining us. >> kelly: good afternoon captioned by closed captioning services, inc. the death panel, health care for seniors. and plus, remember fannie mae and freddie mac? meet their cousin jenny, the latest subprime mortgage lender and possible bailout considered e-candidate. gearing up for the 2010 sen have yo yous-- census. the journal editorial report starts right now. welcome to the journal editorial report, i'm paul gigot. claims fast and furious that the democrat health care reform plan, what critics are calling death panels for seniors and children with birth defects. sarah palin got in on the act recently writing on her facebook page, saying the american i know and love is not one where my parents or my baby with down's syndrome will have to stand in front of a death panel so his bureaucrats can decide based on a subjective judgment of their level of productivity in society whether they are worthy of health care. what they said this week. >> the
i know all this math. why i do have to know how to read? when am i going to use science? when you start flying, it makes sense. >> reporter: kimberly also hopes continue to speier other teens to reach for the stars. she wants to be a heart surgeon. >> i want them to believe in themselves that they can do anything that they want to do as long as they put their mind to it. >> reporter: jane latrell, news 4. >> kimberly also carried messages of hope on her cross country trek. the messages are being delivered to foster children. >>news 4 is also keeping track of jobs for new the area. and this report focuses on a company that is opening for caregivers for patients helping those near the end of their lives. kimberly souter talked to sisters who are inspired to start a business on their last day of their mother's life. >> reporter: she was 77 years old, dying of cancer. and to the grandkids, all 17 of them, she was mia. >> the first day in the hospital she said the walls are closing in on me. i can't stay here. >> reporter: the walls like most medical facilities, needed cheer. so mia's
at to get us going. the first is from brett green who writes for the denver under the title of a better america immersed from woodstock. he writes woodstock means little until you place it in the larger context of the society unravelling around the young adults. from their parents generation, they had absorbed rich idealism for social and economic justice. the piece by brett green and author in denver goes on to say, it was an interlude arriving in the context of more social and political upheaval than most americans have witnessed. it was a chaotic but peaceful interlude to a forthcoming breakdown between government and the governed when combined, it would end an unpopular war. i want to talk for the first half-hour, your thoughts, did a better america emerge from woodstock. the numbers ... twitter address is cspanwj. if you have called us in the last 30 days, send your comment via e-mail or twitter and give others a chance. >> what was it about the gathering, this carnival, this music festival that influenced your political evolution and did a better america emerge from wo
. >> our cnn terrorism analyst, peter bergen talking with us from kabul, afghanistan, who happened to be in kabul during the time of this explosion. peter, thanks. we'll talk with you again. since it is the top of the hour, we want to bring viewers who might be joining us up to speed on the news out of kabul, afghanistan. one hour ago, an explosion oc r occurred on the streets of the capital. defense ministry spokesman tells the associated press this was a suicide car bombing. the attack happened, we do know this, near the headquarters of nato and the u.s. embassy. we have seen video of the smoke. here's the street scene of what occurred just after the explosion. we have also received video into cnn of people who were injured and people being administered health care by rescue teams there on the scene. and so we'll continue to get more information about what happened, how many were injured, was anybody killed? we have on the street for us, as well, atia abawi of our team there in afghanistan. she joins us with the latest. atia? >> reporter: natalie, we're still waiting on more inf
the joke is on us. >> yeah. do we really need this? like, hey, you know, sure. you totally torpedoed any chance of health reform in this country but have you heard that guy's christopher walken? because it is hilarious. yeah. enough. enough. i don't want that. >> what was the name of the puppet? by the way -- >> this would be pashtun hulk hogan. >> pashtoon hulk hogan. good night pashtoon hulk hogan. >> bye, keith. >> bye. bye, christian finnegan. thanks very much. any time you have a bill hicks reference go for it, babe. all right. that's "countdown" for this the 2,297th day. keep bill alive. since the previous president declared mission accomplished in iraq. i'm keith olbermann. thank you for your time. now, let me see if i got this straight. you got dick armey fired and you're on "meet the press" with dick armey. here is rachel maddow. >> that's putting a blunt point on it. >> it's a dramatic circumstance in which to make pie "meet the press debut" although i'm not going to claim credit for getting anybody fired. >> well, separated? removed? distanced? >> thanks, keith. >> good evenin
is 2% over last year's. do you use different deflators? >> we do different slightly different deflators. i'm using a gdp deflator. the defense department computes their own. i don't think that's the difference in one year because it's a slight difference and the difference would only really show up if you're looking over an extended period of time, 20, 30, 40 years. but what i've heard the department of defense saying is that the inflation adjusted growth will be less than 2% in future years. what i've heard them say for this year is around 4%. >> the other thing is 73% increase defense budget. in past years your predecessor would lay this out, 43% increase. does your include supplementles? >> that's looking at, well, i'd have to look. i believe that's looking at the base defense budget. >> your figure would have been the low? >> i'm not familiar with that figure. >> we used a lot in the past and this must be supplementals. >> we can look at that. >> baneline budget and two separate bills sent up not all rolled into one. so we should be thinking 660, 670 a year? >> it looks like what th
, they were used to frame legislation to the end of the century. the other agencies are prepared to hold grand meetings and copenhagen and then agree, 40 or more years, the assumption is global heating is so serious that expensive action is needed now if we are to avoid damaging climate change affecting our children and grandchildren. obviously it will be the cool spell indicating they have overestimated climate change. i think that instead they have underestimated the severity of global heating, mainly because they paid too much attention to human factors to industrial and domestic pollution, they have not enough attention to the earth's response to what we are doing. this is going to be the subject of my talk this evening. when i look at climate change from the point of view of our planet rather than the human viewpoint, i see that report as the scariest official document i have ever read. the earth does not just passively accept what we do, it responds to climate change and that response is more deadly than the small changes we have made. because these responses are beginning to happen, the
escaping custody. 20-year-old devin champagne was being channels importanted thursday night before he used his handcuffs to choke the deputy before fleeing. he visited his family but dependent stay long. if you have any information, you are asked to call howard county, police. efforts to close the state's $700 million budget shortfall could mean less money for local governments. today martin o'malley announced a recommendation from his budget secretary to cut $250 million to local governments. o'malley is scheduled to bring more than $400 million dollars in cuts this month. he made the announcement at the maryland association of counsell summer conference in ocean city. >> gorgeous saturday outside. a little butt of humidity, but not much. it is gorgeous to be outside. the radar picking up a few light rain showers down toward places like frostberg. not anticipating that to reach us here. temperatures, 87 in baltimore, 84 at b.w.i., 83 in dover and ocean city. we are still at 90 in frederick. for tonight, the clouds will clear out a bit. we could see a few areas with patchy fog as temperatu
. the nation has given authority to these officers that they will use it to serve the military and the nation. this authority is derived from law. it gives these soldiers power over their soldiers. however it does not ensure this power will be used well. you become a positive leader when your rank is ratified in the hearts and minds of your subordinates. when your troops follow you out of respect and confidence and not out of fear of your authority. that's quote number one. . the most effective student historically have been those led by leaders of positive character. it is said to ask these questions. does our present possess the character trait for a successful leader? does he inspire confidence? is he the kind of leader we would choose in a crisis? the answers are obvious. what can we do? we must be like the man from pennsylvania. we must use the power of the internet to reach analyze and communicate with the government and keep people in -- accountable. we must and against a subtle but growing tierney of our time. we must take america back. thank you very much. and [applause] >> ladies an
thanks. we thank you for being with us tonight. for all of us, good night for there new york. next, in for campbell brown, john roberts. >>> tonight, here are the questions we want answered. president obama pushes his health care plan in montana, but is everybody buying what the president is selling? >> we keep getting the bull. that's all we get. is bull. you can't tell us how you're going to pay for this. >> reporter: plus, michael vick returns to the nfl after two years in prison for dogfighting. >> i was wrong for what i did. after everything that happened at that point in time, my life was wrong. to this day, i can't understand why i was involved in such pointless activity. >> not everyone is welcoming him with open arms. >> i'm just a little upset with it, because i'm such an animal lover. >> crazy signing. i don't know what they'll do with the public relations part of it. >> has vick paid enough of a price for his crime? >>> and the stories you may have missed this week. chuck grassley's blast at the president, and the town halls that didn't turn into shout fests. >>> plus,
, an andy reid offense that i think will be unheard of in the nfl. >> if they sit him on the bench, make us look bad for having michael vick in town, it was a stupid signing. >> and the signing pleft peta outraged. the animal rights group was disappointed that the frafla -- philadelphia eagles would choose to sign a man who hanged dogs from trees. vick acknowledged he has a lot of work to do on and off the field. >> playing in the nfl is a privilege and not a right. >> as the season gets underway, the debate is sure to rage, whether it was right to let him play again. wbal-tv 11 news. >> a grand jury has handed an indictment in connection with the death of former ravens quarterback steve mcnair. prosecutors secured an indictment of adrian gillian, jr., charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm. gilliam is accused of selling a firearm to mcnair's girlfriend two days before his murder. >> the accused trigger man in the death of a federal witness, carl lackl is sentenced to prison. jonathan cornish plead guilty to gunning down lackl as he stood outside his home with his daughter ne
to use their deep pockets to fight against it. they will lose just liked they lost -- just like they lost against lacrosse. this will not work. >> can we get the next question from the audience? jill from ohio, she is actually here, she asked me to ask you, how do we keep mental health parity in the discussion? health care is very important but that often gets left by the wayside. [applause] i have to say, she writes like she . . health parity in vermont. 14 years later, as governor, i signed the bill. that's how long it took us to get this done, in a relatively progressive state. so it is a real problem. we have a mental health parity bill in this country, it was passed in honor of pete demencchi. as with abortion, this issue will ultimately, i hope, be settled by this panel of people who are going to make up the benefits. at minimum, they will have to obey the law and the law says, that insurance has to include meant at health benefits. the question is, the nitty gritty is how many limits and what are they allowed to do in order to limit the benefits? order to limit
for health care reform. >> we keep getting the bull. that's all we get is bull. you can't tell us how you're going to pay for this. >> you are absolutely right that i can't cover another 46 million people for free. >> reporter: obama has been ramping up his fight for reform as opposition has been mounting on both sides of the debate. the plan to provide end-of-life counseling is being dropped from a senate version of the bill after conservatives like sarah palin said it would create so-called death panels. the topic came up between senators arlen specter and chuck grassley yesterday in a kind of twitter feud. specter writes "called senator grassley to tell him to stop spreading myths about health care reform and imaginary death panels. chuck grassley said "specter got it all wrong that i never used words death boards. even liberal press never accused me of that. so change your last tweet, arlen." white house spokesman robert gibbs this week said misinformation like this has put the administration on defense. >> one of the reasons we've pushed back is because of those misconceptions. have
.m. in atlanta, georgia, 5:00 a.m. in michigan, 3 cls a.m. in california. thank you for starting your day with us. we're going to be talking about what a lot have been talking about in this country the past few week, health care. we're talking about hometown halls, including one in grand junction, colorado. special guest there i guess we should say, the president doing that one with. also atlanta, chicago, all over the place. we'll be braeging them down. also, where the democrats and republicans agree on health care. >> that's what people want to know. we've seen the debate, but where do they come together on the issue. >> they actually do. >>> this something we'll be talking about. the wildfires out there in california. they have been fighting these for days. people weaking up near santa cruz facing more evacuations. in fact, a state of emergency has been issued. again, this thing started on wednesday, eight square miles burned, only 15% contained. we're going to get you the latest on the fires and how many people it's affecting today. >>> also, a little something we have for you this morning, f
the builds where the tornado hit a couple years ago. thank you for being with us. >> 8:00 a.m. where we sit in georgia. 6:00 a.m. for people in colorado where the president will be later today for a town hall meeting about what else, health care. grand junction had a good health care plan out there. model plan. he's out there. you're going to be talking this morning, i believe the mayor and a doctor. >> who helped cultivate and create the plan they are using there. it's costing very little when it comes to medicare and providing a lot of health care to people in need there. >>> also want to talk about the california fire in santa cruz. they are facing more evacuation because of just that, the video you are seeing behind us. a state of emergency has been issued. the fire started wednesday. it's still only 15% contained. >> let's take a look at the stories you may have missed. a suicide bomber set off a car bomb. at least seven people killed and 100 injured. >> it went off near nato headquarters. they vowed to disrupt next week's elections. >>> a massive rescue operation in taiwan to save peo
paychecks. there's an $8 billion tax on people who use stuff in their health savings accounts for over the counter drug purchases. 2.5% tax on a health plan that is not acceptable by the government and $2 billion tax that all of us pay. sean: i want to talk about the political implications. look at harry reid's numbers. chris god is in trouble. governors corzine and paterson of new york, corzine is losing by a lot. bob mcdonald has a big lead. toomey is plipping the polls by 20 some odd points. do you think this holds, as time goes on or is this a short-term bump for the republicans? >> it has long-term ramifications. between now and november of 2010 is like several geology call ages will come and go between now and then. but it is a significant change and likely to remain because the administration in my opinion is not going to respond in a appropriate way. we'll have our first test in november in new jersey and virginia. and i suspect we will see republican pickups. sean: sign that for me. karl rove. thanks. it's the preliminary year of our "sleep-in panel." you get to sleep in on su
let us recap it for you and then we will discuss. civic assume that someone is violating the law. >> never ever signed up for anything related to this white house, senator obama as a candidate, senator obama has anything and have received e-mails from david axelrod. how could that be? and i could be interested to see we got it from and whether they're on the list. i want to be -- to make your time you need to give you these peoples e-mail signature, list? i'm just asking senator asking if they're on the list. i have no checking without asking me to doublecheck and name. select they are telling me they're not on the list because they never asked for an e-mail from the white house tonight i have to look at what you got, maj. i appreciate the fact that i have omnipotent clarity as to what you have received in your e-mail box today. i haven't. >> you don't have to impugn anything. i'm telling you what i got. e-mails from people saying i never asked for anything from the white house that they received something to make me go somewhere else that might be constructive. >> clayton: point
the drug laws in a way, using marijuana specifically. i met some of the local indian tribes and discovered to my chagrin they you could smoke marijuana on the reservation without getting arrested. and perhaps that was a place for the next event. we spent some time talking to the indians, for some reason they declined. i became friends with rick of very -- rick o'barry creator of flipper, he trained the dolphins. interesting side story, at one point he committed suicide, realize he should beef price possible for starting the industry he was responsible for, capturing dolphins and putting them in tanks and he became an activist for freeing them around the world, he has been doing that for 40 years. and amazing movie, i encourage everyone to see it. it is a wonderful film. we decided, because we were both friends -- we would moderate together. with a couple other people, marshall had a club called blues image, also some partners -- [laughter] that was kind of cool. we had to do the show in three weeks. there began my career -- i put it in new york and we managed to get their, the headliner we
the town hall critics or will he and all us end up with watered down reform or no change at all. doing a town hall in montana, taking the first family to nearby yellowstone park. mr. obama came because when it comes to passing reform the road truly runs through montana. raw politics from ed henry. >> reporter: montana is a nice place to visit this time of year, but the president had more on his mind than fly-fishing. he came for urgent business, buttering up the state senior center max bachus who could hold the fate of health reform in his hands. >> first of all the man who is working tirelessly to make sure the american people get a fair deal when it comes to health care in america, please give max bachus a round of applause. >> reporter: in private, top presidential advisers acknowledged the fight reached a critical stage because the opposition reached some steam, capitalizing on anger at congressional town hall meetings. >> where does this state that government has the powers to take over health care. >> reporter: by comparison the president's town hall was tame. he did get one poin
havens is here with us. he'll perform his classic "freedom" which he improvised on the stage and we'll compare this seismic moment in american ka to the rock festivals hanging out with widespread panic and understanding the musical and cultural and economic legacy of woodstock. >> we begin with president obama making a big pitch out west to boost support for health care reform. rachel martin is in big sky montana this morning. good morning, rachel. >> reporter: -- about 5 miles away from bozeman where the president held his health care town hall meeting yesterday and while there was some tension, the event started out with hugs, handshakes, even some humor. >> here in montana you've got bears and moose and elk and in washington you just haveostly bull. >> reporter: words that moments later were thrown right back at the president as he tried to set the record straight on his plans for health care reform. >> we keep getting the bull is bull. you can't tell us how you're going to pay for this. >> you are absolutely right that i can't cover enough 46 million people for free. >> reporter
, americans are saying leave us alone. >> and the americans are right. i mean this whole idea, when you say you are going to spend $125 million what is this nurse who will be paid by taxpayer dollars going to do? what will she say to this woman who already had a child is, about to have a child, what is she going to do to stop that or prevent that? she won't do anything. this is idiot yk. another idiotic government -- wait a minute. let me finish, please. it is buried in this thing of the this is 1,000 pages, there's not just this one. there's a whole bunch of these. one thing not in the bill is tort reform. there are $30 billion a year spent on doctors trying to get insurance. the whole bill is a mess and this is one of the prime examples of it. >> we do have a welfare system already in the country. why add more to that when we have fiscal problems? >> so you don't have to add more later because what is the quote from increasing the birthing international between births. if toes kids and we are talking about poor people, are going to be on the government health insurance system which is exp
right, ed henry is with the president there in colorado and he will be joining us in grand junction, colorado. he's going to stick around and guide us through this. again, a quick reminder. president obama town hall gets under way live here. we're counting down, we'll bring it to you live as soon as it happens here. let's bring my guests in real quickly. ed henry, who is our white house correspondent said the president is out today because you know, he's got to get this wrap on this. and then when congress comes back, they've got a very, very short window not only to tackle this issue but the other spending bill and the other issue he is facing as well. he wanted this done by the end of the year but you know, he's under a deadline here. >> well, i think she. it's a self-impose d deadline i believe bought american people i think and what this is about today, they want other ideas coming in. they feel like they are being told what's going to happen to them and not being asked what should happen to them or what should be done for them. >> virginia, you and i talked about this earlier.
and a half ago. it was a pesting on former alaska governor's sarah palin's web sincht right. well, she used the term death panel, but we heard many at these town halls give ideas that the government would create groups of people who ultimately decide who's going to live or die, who is deserving of medical care or who is not. the truth squad is back. we tackled t here's our verdict, folks. let's get straight to it. so you can see the verdicts on the big topics throughout the week. our verdict, we can show you on a graphic is false on that. there are no death panel, there is no such thing as a death panel. even if you look at how it was situated. it wasn't going to have that power. i'll tell you a couple of facts. let's go to the next screen so people understand where this came from in the first place. there was a house bill that people looked at that would require medicare to have consultation to cover consultation about a advance care. but as we point out, you can read it on, this next it screen lo will show you here, they were not going to be manned together, not required. now on t
baric period in u.s. history that surely someone tried to figure out how those individuals raised their children and the historians and scholars called me crazy. i was much younger when i first started, and they would say, listen, young lady, you are wasting your time, you're lucky to find grandchildren. and i can give you a few, but you're not going to find children, and i inherited from my dad stubbornness and i always thought i was right. i don't have thats much anymore, but i always thought i was right, so i didn't believe them, and i went ahead and called department of aging, state by state, each state tracks the aging population and i spoke to someone who spoke to someone who gave me a reference to a neighbor who knew of someone, right. so those were all the phone calls and i started from alabama and worked my way down, and as the world got around, i found about 35, 40 in the beginning. i was not smart enough to quit my job at the time and i eventually did quit my job, and traveled the country, and everyone i spoke to, except for one, had since died. and one person actually
ahead? we'll give you the setup. and the upside call. stacy told us how to play las vegas sand. >> they were buying the august 10 calls. >> now we'll see if she's ready to cash in. options action begins right now. welcome to the show. great to have you with us. these are the traders at the home of the world's third largest options market that would be the nasdaq market site and across the nation in the windy city, chicago, as well as the city of brotherly love in philadelphia. stocks rebounding from their morning lows shrugging off weak economic news that weight on industrial and material names, oil falling 4% today and yet volatility continues to ooze out of the market. does smart money sense another leg higher. let's get into the money right now. the market has remained in a tight range over the past two weeks with the s&p 500 one reason the lack of participation from these guys. exxon mobil, procter & gamble and walmart, some of the largest components of the s&p waiting, all down on the year. we need to see participation to move higher. >> there's no question about that. we
stuff. thank you for joining us on your money. you can follow ali and me on facebook. make sure you john us every week for your money. saturdays at 1:00. sunday at 3:00 eastern time. log on to have a great weekend. >>> hello, everybody. i am ali velshi from the iowa state fair, des moines, iowa. this is townhall raw. august is make or break month for health care for president obama's efforts to reform health care. for the next hour we will bring you the best of the townhalls that have been happening all week. president, members of congress going back to their districts and hearing from their constituents about health care. now some of the meetings were raucous. but they got questions on medicare, abortion, the so-called death panels. we'll straighten that out as well. there was yelling. there was booing. there was applause. listen to some of it for yourself. >> one day god is going to stand before you and he is going to judge you and the rest of your damn cronies up on the hill! and then you'll get your just dessert. >> this is no less than liberty versus terny and there is
that is all the time we have left this evening. thank you for being with us. hhost: tonight, the president ad voters face-to-face at a town hall. we have the hottest tape. mike huckabee goes on the record. conservatives are fueling the town hall fires but is acorn doing the very same thing, stacking the questions in favor of the democratic plan? greta talks to voters. rush limbaugh and karl rove, the newest comedy team? they are making a guest appearance on a comedy show. if you thought that the town halls were dying down, think again. even president obama got into the mix today. >> all we get is bull. you cannot tell us how you are going to pay for this. you are saving here, saving over there, you are going to take money here and there but you have no money. the only way you can get that money is to raise your taxes. >> you are absolutely right that i cannot cover another $46 millio46 million people for fre. we will have to find some resources. >> why did you change or strategy to talking about health insurance reform and deciding to vilify the insurance companies? >> the i
>> it's a really leveling the playing field so that everyday people like us, we're just normal guys, can get huge fan bases and huge followings just based solely on their talent and personalties. >> reporter: in hollywood, i'm ted rowlands. >>> we're answering your questions in our 4:00 p.m. hour. we're getting your thoughts on health care reform. send in comments right now to fredricka's facebook page. i'm in for fredricka today. "your $$$$$" starts right now. >>> it's a make or break month for health care reform. you have questions and our experts have the answers. across the country, blood is boiling as angry americans confront elected officials. but what is really behind the town hall flareups? ali velshi is traveling through the country's heartland, getting past the shouting to find out how the health care debate really affects americans. get ready. get ready. time to talk "your $$$$$." -- captions by vitac -- ? >>> welcome, i'm christine romans. the future of your health care is at stake. ali velshi has been traveling on the cnn express across america talking to
one, which could be named bill in the coming days is one that is going to have us really concerned as we get to the middle of the week, possibly becoming a much stronger storm, maybe even a category 2 hurricane as we get to 8:00 a.m. with winds of 105 miles an hour. from the atlantic, we are seeing things begin to wake up in terms of the tropics. on the west coast, we have been talking about the fires. a lot of things on both sides of the country could get very active in terms of climate and weather, certainly, something that bears watching. let's send it back to both of you. >> we will be checking in with you. thank you for that, reynolds. >> there is no doubt a make or break month for health care roo he form. we have seen town hall meetings on this topic that have gotten rowdy at times. several more are happening today. democratic pete stark holding three. he can't get enough. he represents those out there in the east bay. grand junction, colorado, president obama is holding his own town hall meeting. >> danny davis, democratic congressman has two in chicago. david scott will in
the bull. that's all we get, is bull. you can't tell us how you're going it pay for this. >> you are absolutely right. that i can't cover another 46 million people for free. >> the president went on tell the man he will not raise taxes on families making $250,000 or less, and admitted the wealthy will have to pay more. some protestors did come out, they were kept about half a mile away. he often had to shout to be heard above the crowd. but the senator tells the "washington post" he has not been discouraged. in fact, he says the opposite has happened. he's more determined now than ever to get health care bill passed. carton has answered number rouse questions on the cost to perform. he said he will not vote for a bill that increases the deficit. >>> alexandria's former police chief is spending the weekend in ja. david baker pleaded guilty yesterday to drunken driving. he was arrested last month, after a car accident in arlington. police say his blood alcohol level was more than twice the level limit. baker will spend five days behind bars in arlington county. he faces a $300 fine
a look. >> we keep getting the bum. that's all we get, is bull. you can't tell us how you are going to pay for this. the only way you are going to get that money is to raise our taxes. that's the only way you can do that. >> i'm happy to answer the question. >> thank you. >> you are absolutely right, that i can't cover another 46 million people for free. >> how to grade the president on his town hall so far, the way he has handled the tougher questions? >> i think he has done exceptionally well. he has talked about health care for the past, i think you could say, probably six weeks or so, almost nonstop every day. here was a tough question from squun w someone who is skeptical that their taxes may be raised. the president said i made a promise not to raise taxes on anybody making $250,000 and less. i am going to keep that promise. you can't be more definitive than that. there is concern. there is concern that the health care plan may blow up the deficit. the president will need to answer those sceptics and critics as well. >> we will have more from you next hour, thanks so much. >>>
people died in the attack and at least 91 more were wounded. the bombsite is next to the u.s. embassy on the same street as the country's presidential palace. peter bergen was in kabul at the time of the explosion. >> reporter: seemed to be much larger than anything i've experienced before and also given the fact several miles north it was loud everybody in the place i'm staying in ran out to see what was happening. wouldn't say the security is sort of outrageously tight. i mean, clearly there is a great deal of concern but you can travel around most of these streets of kabul with no problem. you know, there are routinely traffic jams every day. it's not -- there is no lockdown right now. you know, that may change on election day. but, you know, i -- to be honest with you, you know, just on the surface level, the security in kabul doesn't look a great deal different than it does in any other trip i've been here. >> our thanks to peter for that. >>> meanwhile the attack comes five days before afghanistan's presidential election. u.s. troops will be trying to provide security throughout
tell us how you will pay for this the only way you can get the money is to raise our taxes. you said you would not. >> critics say the president's town halls are more than a infomercial. >> nothing more than a soap box for the president. it is not an opportunity for the american people to come out and voice concerns. it is merely a way for him to sort of kickback. >> it has been nerveing racking for lawmakers, and none more so than for arlen specter. >> i have gone out and put my neck on the line. >>. >> president obama travels to colorado tomorrow for health care meeting in another conservative area. president is scheduled to focus on expensive out-of-pocket costs charged by some insurers. in washington, craig boswell, fox 45 news. >> and to see more from president obama's townhall meeting today, go to, and click on "raw news". >> health care has many people fired up for sure. but health care seems to be a tipping point for taxpayers. to show the u.s. congress how ineffective it has been lately on many fronts, without of control spending fueling the fire. here is fo
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interests fight with everything they got. they use influence. run ads and political allies try to scare the heck out of everybody. we can't let them do it this time. >> reporter: some like what they heard in montana last night. but the concern that many cost up, time and again, the price tag. >> that's all we get is bull. you can't tell us how you're going to pay for this. >> you are absolutely right. that i can't cover another 46 million people for free. >> reporter: the other hot button issue, the president's plan for a government-run health insurance program to compete with private insurer, leaving democrats now saying that may have to go by the wayside. >> the last thing the government needs is to be taking over the health care system. >> reporter: and while many of these town halls are impressed by the man. they still don't buy the message. the president was met in grand junction by a couple hundred supporters of the health care plan. a couple dozen protesters. reports say all those demonstrations were relatively quiet and the president hopes things stay that way in debate. as he t
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